New Publication

Early Modern Prophecies in Transnational, National and Regional Contexts, edited by Lionel Laborie and Ariel Hessayon. Leiden: Brill, 2020, 3 vol.

I’m happy to announce a new publication to which I had the honour to contribute a chapter on Friedrich Breckling’s Paulus Redivivus (1688) and Catalogus Haereticorum (c.1697–1703).

In this important collection of primary sources, Laborie and Hessayon bring together a huge range of vital sources for the study of prophecy in the early modern world. This meticulously edited 3-volume set includes rare material and fascinating manuscripts published in English for the first time. Volumes are organised geographically, each with its own introduction by a world-renowned expert. Together with their respective contributors, they show how prophecies circulated widely throughout this period at all levels of society. Indeed, they often emerged in times of crisis and were delivered as warnings as well as signals of hope. Moreover, they were constantly adapted and translated to suit ever changing contexts – including those for which they had not been originally intended. 

About me

I’m a Dutch cultural historian. I work mainly in the field of Dutch history, with a focus on Dutch-German relations in the 17th & 18th century. I understand culture as a web of meaning which people and groups have spun around them. The study of these webs of meaning in the past is what I think constitutes cultural history.

Deutsche Chronik

Deutsche Chronik

Dies- und jenseits der Grenze. Translokale Prozesse und ihre Einwirkung auf den deutsch-niederländischen Grenzraum, herausgegeben von Viktoria Franke. Band 61 des Jahrbuchs Deutsche Chronik / Duitse Kroniek. Mit Beiträgen von Hanco Jürgens, Hermann Terhalle, Emile Smit, Jan Brauer, Rüdiger Haude, Peer Boselie, Jan Neefjes, Ursula Geisselbrecht-Capecki, Theo Salemink, Andreas Eiynck und Hans de Beukelaer. Preis: € 34, 80. Verlag Königshausen & Neumann–und-jenseits-der-Grenze–Translokale-Prozesse-und-ihre-Einwirkung-auf-den-Deutsch-Niederlaendischen-Grenzraum–Deutsche-Chronik-Bd–61.html. Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2017